Discipleship Course

            We pray to be generous and visible people of Jesus Christ.


‘We are all on a life-long journey of faith which can be amazingly exciting and     challenging if we continue to cultivate a living relationship with Jesus Christ.’

 The Diocesan course ‘Growing as a Disciple’ will be held at St Andrew’s Church on Thursday evenings 7-9pm for 10 sessions starting 4th May 2017.


The course aims

• To increase our knowledge of, and confidence, in scripture.

• To deepen personal faith through prayer and an appreciation of how the Bible speaks of our relationship with God and his purposes for us.

• To encourage one another as we listen to our different experiences and understanding of our Christian faith.

• To develop a greater awareness of how God might be calling us, as his disciples, to contribute our abilities and time to our local church communities.

• To generate enthusiasm and confidence to express our faith as we seek to live as Christ’s disciples in our communities, workplaces, and in the wider world.

Course content

1. Introduction: Growing as a disciple                                                    May 4th

2. Prayer: the language of faith                                                              May 11th

3. The Bible: reading the book of faith                                                   May 18th

4. The Old Testament story of faith: Abraham to Joshua                      June 1st

5. The Old Testament story of faith: Joshua to the Exile                       June 15th

6. The Old Testament story of faith: Exile to John the Baptist               June 22nd

7. The New Testament story of faith: Jesus                                          June 29th

8. The New Testament story of faith: the gospel spreads                     July 6th

9. The Church: the community of faith                                                  July 13th

10. Mission: the response of faith                                                         July 20th

(NB May 25th there will be an Ascenscion day reflection in church, all welcome)

This ten-week course aims to give a basic overview of the topic before zooming in on a particular passage for Bible study. Each session lasts two hours and is a mixture of input, group discussion, reflecting on experience, and prayer. There are Bible passages to read, and guidelines for further reflection and prayer between sessions. Groups are limited to ten participants per group to facilitate good group discussion.

For more information please talk to Lynne Turner or Ruth Dennigan

Contact number: 01353 722146  or visit  http://www.elydiocese.org/ministry-and-training/discipleship-course/

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