Giving and ways to give

All St. Andrew's Church activities are paid for by the generosity of its supporters. While St. Andrew’s receives some income from weddings, fundraising events etc., the majority of the funding for our activities comes from donations from our regular congregations.


It costs about £68,000 a year to run the church (that’s more than £1,300 per week). This is just to keep the church going for worship and to be there for the whole community. About two thirds of our income goes to the diocese as our ‘ministry’ share (which is used to pay for our clergy as well as paying for the activities of the Diocesan Office). The remaining income directly supports our activities for the community.


If you would like to give to the church, you can do this in a number of ways. If you are a UK taxpayer, please consider completing a Gift Aid form.


Gift Aid:

Gift Aid is a valuable source of income for our church. We can reclaim the 25% basic rate income tax on donations, if you provide us with a completed Gift Aid form. For example, with a donation of £75.00, we can reclaim £25.00, making a total donation of £100.00.   Please send your Gift Aid declaration form to our Gift Aid Officer, Miss Daphne Laycock.



Cash can be donated in the weekly collections during services. The envelope scheme is a good way to donate cash if you regularly attend services, as we can reclaim the tax through Gift Aid.  Those who give money in this way are given enough numbered envelopes for each week of the year. 



Cheques, payable to St. Andrew's Church, are always welcome, and can be given on a Sunday at church or to the church warden Mrs Margaret Fisher.


Standing Order/Direct Debit:

Donations by standing order or direct debit are very helpful as they provide a regular donation and help us to plan and budget for our activities.



You might also consider leaving something to the church in your will.  A number of small legacies over the last few years have really helped us to stay out of financial trouble.


Thank you for your kind generosity.