Focus on Prayer

Join the national 'Thy Kingdom Come' call to prayer, from Ascension to Pentecost.

Across the country people are responding to the national prayer initiative, Thy Kingdom Come, which runs from Ascension Day (25th May) through to Pentecost (4th June).  Here in Soham we're offering our very own Focus on Prayer, with some special services and activities to help us explore and deepen our prayer life and our relationship with God. 

Many of us struggle to find a regular way of private prayer that suits us, and we're often reluctant to talk about our prayer.  We may assume other people are ‘better’ at it  than we are, or we think we can’t pray, or just haven't worked out  how...  But there's no such thing as an expert at praying – there are just people who pray.  This is a chance to experiment, try new ideas, experience an encounter with Jesus or a fresh touch of the Holy Spirit. 

During Focus on Prayer, there'll be some services at St Andrew's that all are very welcome to just turn up and join in.  Do join us! There's also Focus on Prayer in Daily Life  - an invitation for up to twelve people to meet a 'prayer companion' for a half-hour daily over the Sunday to Thursday period.  This is also open to anyone, but booking ahead is required.  The prayer companions will encourage different ways of praying, and listen carefully and confidentially as the participant shares how they are getting on.  There will also be opening and  closing sessions for the whole group of participants and prayer companions, including refreshments.

The three prayer companions who are coming to support us are led by Rev'd Jane Keiller, the Spirituality Advisor for Ely Diocese.  She has sent us a testimony from someone who participated in a similar week held recently at Sawston.  This woman writes that she never felt very 'good' at prayer before the week in Sawston: "Other people always seemed much more eloquent, knew the right ‘format’ for prayer and seemed to know the right thing to say.  While I often talked to God throughout the day and tried to listen to him, finding time to be quiet and feel like we were spending time talking together was not always easy."

She describes the opening session, and then a daily session with a prayer companion who listened and helped her find ways to deepen and enhance her prayer life.  She found imaginative contemplation with a Scripture passage particularly helpful - so much so that her first attempt, praying with John 21: "... changed everything for me.  After the disciples met the resurrected Jesus by the Sea of Galilee, Jesus and I walked alone together on the shore.   I met Him in a way that I hadn’t before. Walking side by side on the beach we talked together and I felt his love.  Our conversation was easy, unforced and from the heart.  I didn’t want to leave."    

She adds: "In this week, we all felt like we met God in some way.  In our homes,  gardens and through our imaginations.  It helped us to revisit scripture afresh and talk to Him freely. Knowing that we could even just rest in His presence in our mutual love was something joyous."

You'll see in Eleanor's message in May's Lodestar that she's taking part in this Focus on Prayer in Daily Life, and she's encouraging us to take the chance too.  So why not give it a go?  And/or join in some of the other events? Here's a summary of what's on offer throughout the whole Focus on Prayer period. 

Thurs 25th may, 7.30pm - Taizé service

St Andrew's Church, Soham - all welcome. Taizé-style worship service with guided prayer.

Sun 28th May to Thur 1st June - Prayer Focus in Daily Life

Opportunity for 12 people to have daily guided prayer, including a 30 minute one-to-one conversation with a trained prayer guide. Booking essential. For participants this includes: Sun 28th 4pm - Tea and introductory meeting; and Thur 1st Jun 6pm - light buffet meal and closing meeting.

Mon 29th May to Fri 2nd June - Morning Prayer                               'Thy Kingdom Come' logo

9am daily at St Andrew's Church, Soham - all welcome.

Weds 31st May, 7.30pm - Prayer evening

St Andrew's Church, Soham - all welcome.
An evening of meditative prayer and worship.


Phone  Helen Randall 01353 723265 for info about the whole even

OR Rev'd Jane Keiller 01223 575776 about Prayer Focus in Daily Life



Please fill in this form and  return to Eleanor (The Vicarage, 27 The Oaks, Soham, CB7 5FF) by Sunday 21st May


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