St. Laurence's, Wicken

Sunday Services usually follow this pattern, but please check the church calendar (on this website) to be sure of specific service details.

1st Sunday of the month

10:30am Holy Communion (in modern language)

2nd Sunday of the month

10:30am Ecumenical Service with the Methodist Church, either at St Laurence's, or at Wicken Methodist Church


3rd Sunday of the month


8:00am Holy Communion according to the Book of Common Prayer (this service is held jointly with St Andrew's Church, Soham and takes place at St Laurence's, Wicken in summer and at St Andrew's, Soham in winter)

4th Sunday of the month


10:30am Morning Prayer


5th Sunday of the month


Joint service with St. Andrew’s, Soham (at St Andrew's, Soham in winter and at St Laurence's, Wicken in winter)


Healing Service at Wicken Methodist Church. See calendar for dates.